Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tipping point!

    Some time ago I didn't care... The story began a year ago, when I've seen all my savings in jeopardy, when the stock market began to plunge and there was no ending site to this, just then I started to care.At that time I had all my hard saved money into the stock market, without any idea what this means. Of  course that I got into after I had a chat with one of my friends. 

    The stuff went great for two years, but in 2008 everything has changed. I have been watching an economic TV show, somewhere in the middle of August, where I heard about the release of a brand new movie I O U S A, where the huge debt of USA was debated, so immediately I started to search on the internet something about this movie, because I thought that is somehow related with my investment. I had no idea where to start from and soon I've found on You Tube a trailer. And from there on was pretty easy to get further and further just because of the connections the internet is making... Soon I've found a couple of guys that where talking about financial problems and what will happen in the future in the financial sector.

     At the beginning I was amazed how this guys could see all this coming and how clear they have explained the problems. Of course as soon as I figured out that the situation is bad and will get worse I withdrawn all of  my savings! I think I can say that I had jumped out of the train on it`s last stop. I clearly remember that I have sold my last stock on a Friday, the last Friday before Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley bankruptcy on Monday was announced. Everybody knows that on Monday the stock markets around the world tanked. Then I started to CARE! It is sad for me that I had to lose half of my savings, but if I wouldn't care at all I could have easily lost 90% until now.

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