Monday, October 19, 2009

The point of no returning!

        So  as I sad I started to care and I wasn't willing to give up until I found out what's happening! And I have been searching and searching... Of course one of the first guys that you're finding when you are looking  for this kind of information is the apocalyptic Alex Jones. I got bored pretty soon and I went further and found one of the best economic documentaries out there witch is "The money masters". So I kept going and I've been watching lots of documentaries, in the hundreds, ranging from nutrition, politics, nature, health, nutrition, economics, social topics... 

      Next important discovery was while I was looking for some cooking books on, I don't have any idea how this movie got into the results field and also I don't remember why have I downloaded it, but I've done it. The movie was "Farming with terraces and raised beds" with Sepp Holzer. And so I have discovered Permaculture witch I think that changed everything slowly from my perspective. What followed up was more and more documentaries about this subject, in the mean while I found another big subject that is "peak oil" witch shook me up even more.

   So this is the short story of this chapter!


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