Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Movies to watch!

     One of the last good movies that I've seen is "What a Way To Go"! If you haven't seen this movie I highly recommend it! You can find a short trailer here on Youtube:  
   You can download it from here: 

Moving forward!

      Realizing that civilization in it's hole is a failure I've raised my eyes and looked forward thinking about what I can do to leave this system and one of the basics thing is of course, growing your own food. Having this in mind I'll like to start a sustainable community, saying that I own a small piece of land that I'm willing to share it with people that have the same state of mind.      

Monday, October 19, 2009

The point of no returning!

        So  as I sad I started to care and I wasn't willing to give up until I found out what's happening! And I have been searching and searching... Of course one of the first guys that you're finding when you are looking  for this kind of information is the apocalyptic Alex Jones. I got bored pretty soon and I went further and found one of the best economic documentaries out there witch is "The money masters". So I kept going and I've been watching lots of documentaries, in the hundreds, ranging from nutrition, politics, nature, health, nutrition, economics, social topics... 

      Next important discovery was while I was looking for some cooking books on www.piratebay.org, I don't have any idea how this movie got into the results field and also I don't remember why have I downloaded it, but I've done it. The movie was "Farming with terraces and raised beds" with Sepp Holzer. And so I have discovered Permaculture witch I think that changed everything slowly from my perspective. What followed up was more and more documentaries about this subject, in the mean while I found another big subject that is "peak oil" witch shook me up even more.

   So this is the short story of this chapter!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tipping point!

    Some time ago I didn't care... The story began a year ago, when I've seen all my savings in jeopardy, when the stock market began to plunge and there was no ending site to this, just then I started to care.At that time I had all my hard saved money into the stock market, without any idea what this means. Of  course that I got into after I had a chat with one of my friends. 

    The stuff went great for two years, but in 2008 everything has changed. I have been watching an economic TV show, somewhere in the middle of August, where I heard about the release of a brand new movie I O U S A, where the huge debt of USA was debated, so immediately I started to search on the internet something about this movie, because I thought that is somehow related with my investment. I had no idea where to start from and soon I've found on You Tube a trailer. And from there on was pretty easy to get further and further just because of the connections the internet is making... Soon I've found a couple of guys that where talking about financial problems and what will happen in the future in the financial sector.

     At the beginning I was amazed how this guys could see all this coming and how clear they have explained the problems. Of course as soon as I figured out that the situation is bad and will get worse I withdrawn all of  my savings! I think I can say that I had jumped out of the train on it`s last stop. I clearly remember that I have sold my last stock on a Friday, the last Friday before Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley bankruptcy on Monday was announced. Everybody knows that on Monday the stock markets around the world tanked. Then I started to CARE! It is sad for me that I had to lose half of my savings, but if I wouldn't care at all I could have easily lost 90% until now.